Anatomy of a pizza

The crust, pressed into a skillet, forms a protective, isolated layer to facilitate delicious chemical reactions.  In this cutaway of the nucleus of the pizza, you can see several micro-organelles, including the red cytoplasm, spinach bodies, sun-dried tomato, olive-oles, sautéed garlic-somes, and the cheese apparatus.  While these bodies exist throughout the entire pizza, it is suspected here, in the nucleus they are created and can only leave by “match-making” with the sun-dried tomato – thus, present outside of the nucleus, but in greater dispersion.

You had set your sights on the pond, accepting defeat: wanted to know the depth of water, fracturing sky.

The nucleus of the pizza as it would be observed in nature, sealed off from the rest of the  pizza:

The mangroves porous roots jutting out of muddy water exploring the memory of reclining tree.

You can actually see one of the spinach bodies leaving the nucleus, in concert with a sun-dried tomato (or, SDT, as they’re known).  The SDT’s are extra-pizzalar in origin and are thought to enter a ligand-gated channel associated with the pepperoni receptor.  It is not yet know if the SDT’s activate this receptor on their own, or if they utilize a channel already opened by pepperoni, coincidentally.

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Pizzas generally gain their energy from thermal sources, the exceptions being those such as hummus pizzas, and it is unclear if those should even be considered part of the same genus.

The return of theboat with tiger. Are you ready to take a plunge in nakedness?

As you can see — again, for a prototypical type pizza — the structure comes to life and undergoes a dramatic transformation in the presence of heat.  Below is a cutaway of the fully activated pizza, from frontal-pizza back to the hind-pizza.

Behind the curtain was sitting the invisible wheel which will find the vulnerability of a lonely path.

Note the very specific layering and differentiation of the pizza.  Different areas and structures are thought to be associated with varying functions — though, it is, of course, important to remember that the whole pizza is involved in most types of functions.  Specific areas just seem to be more highly associated with certain things. 

For example, the frontal pizza is thought to be involved in self-control and desire, whereas, the hind-pizza is usually associated with guilt and depression.

Next time, we’ll examining the growing concern over the epidemic of chicken on the pizza and the very, very, dire, and grave consequent burden on society.

The lovely poem ingloriously de-formatted in the hover-messages is by Satish Verma


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