The Faulk’s club mujadara wrap

The pasta dish was not the only special creation the chef at the Faulk’s club designed for Nekeya – imagine Brian’s contempt if they had brought a platter with the mujadara wrap! Luckily, her arrival was a surprise.

Brian doesn't get one because he's being a jerk

The wrap came about as Reginald would often make advanced reservations if he was meeting with a group – or if he wanted special attention – and more often than not, he would bring his little girl with him.

She was a bright and precocious child, and fiercely independent – alternately, to Reginald’s chagrin and delight. At a point, she began to refuse any dish that contained meat, eventually going so far as to refuse butter, milk, cheese or even honey!

The challenge was not taken badly – as might be expected – as Nekeya was an adorable child and became much adored by the staff. Over the years, it was not unusual for her to help out in the dining room when they got busy, or at times wander into the kitchen and help with prep or even washing dishes. Always, of course, she came with a story or fantastical observation.

So when the chef knew, in advance, that she would be coming to the Faulk’s, he made a special point to put together different, creative platters to meet her increasingly finicky preferences, and her favorite, by far, was the mujadara wrap.

As the chef was the son of the owner of The Shiek, he would stop over and grab a bit of mujadara from his father’s restaurant or bring some from home if he’d happened to make some recently. He then fried it in a bit of olive oil until the onions, rice and lentils had browned, and serve it with lettuce, tomato, red onion and a special tahini-tofutti sauce on a pita.

The platter, was, of course, filled additionally with numerous side dishes, pickles, olives, and desserts.


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