A Wilder feast

That would be an apt description for many crew feasts, but in this case, in particular, was fested for the fine fellow – the prime hello, to the beautiful baby boy, by the bay, though the  advent, amusingly convoluted by the customary technological turnabouts.

Completely coincidentally, the Turkish-themed panoply (other than the cauli) was principally pinched from an appetizing senary spread in the (or at the) San Francisco Chronicle – clever and quaint, que?

It is important to remember, we are talking about polymeric, logarithmic surface proteins

A-tray, atop a table:  Muhammara Dip in Endive Leaves, Red Lentil, Mint & Bulgur Salad on Cucumber Rounds, charred Eggplant Spread on Za’atar Pita Triangles, Roasted Cauliflower With Turmeric & Cumin, Mujadara and Zucchini Feta Pancakes.  Oh – a salad also.

Aromatics have nothing to do with the scents, except as they pertain to a motif in the perkinje cells of the olfactory

All, relatively (other, perhaps, than the caramelization process) simple – especially the delicious dip duo – the simple za’atar bread, perhaps, preeminently preferred.

Mujadara:  2c. cooked brown rice, 1.5c cooked brown lentils, 5 caramelized, sweet onions, ½ tsp cinnamon, cumin and salt.  Deglazing the pan with chardonnay  left the onions sweeter than usual – a pinot grigio, or brandy might work better – or just stick to water.

Last time the Zucchini fritters were attempted, they were a bit mushy, and only a few fared favorably.  This time – pre-made – reheating with the roasting cauliflower (in a foil pack), the texture was much improved, though, impractical if the oven is not already running.


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