Beans in Greek style sauce

This is an always welcome dish, taken a Laikon to years ago, more delicious as all but the rice was sown, grown and toiled from seed to sauce and bean.


Last time this dish was attempted – last year, the beans were plopped in pot and emitted an immediately odd odor. Looking more closely, they appeared slightly off color, slightly beige… Similarly, the sauce seemed strange.

The remaining contents of the packed freezer were hurriedly examined and, while frozen, all were discolored and on the bottom of the freezer, re-frozen seepage.

The intrepid little freezer was mistakenly blamed and kicked to the curb, only to find, later, the source of the problem was a bad circuit, at least, that’s what Tom Insel said.

Considerable consideration was given to abandoning the garden at that point, as it was the second year in a row, the produce was a complete loss. The year before, the garden leveled to the soil by a lousy tornado, the only thing left standing, the woody pepper plants, their leaves frozen, pointing north and the plentiful, piteous peppers porously punched by the hail.

The experiences on the little plot have increased our respect for the farmers tremendously – even the cranky old guy that complains I’m just a good for nothing consumer tryin’ a ™ wrangle his long-labored produce for nothing!

Which is to say, this really hit the spot! Though, looking back at the previous peas in a Greek style sauce, next time – dill.


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