A week or so, ago, BookPeeps was nice enough to give The Crew a nod with a Beautiful Blogger nomination. We hardly consider ourself, nor blog beautiful and often, barely a blog. However, we do always appreciate positive vibes and would hate to let such kind consideration slide, so, thank you, BookPeeps!

This just happens to be a particularly bad month for any iota of concertedly focused effort, fallen smitten to ambition, and such, so, not so much has been posted at this particular blog, this month, and only with distinguished dedication to brevity. Further, we feel fairly awkward aknowledging acknowledgement and, more so, feel very strange throwing comments — or nominations — to others, far more comfortable, blending quietly with the shadow of the internet and otherwise.

So, there’s a poor excuse for a haphazardly and hastily hashed note – though, actually, posts here mostly are, the exception, generally, poorly worked puns and couplet told tales of giant bread making robots.

The protocol for the BBA is to to tell seven things about oneself and nominate seven others.  There is little to say about the tomato, and we are not comfortable bothering seven others — though, many of you will see this here…  Please feel free to ignore, though, know we appreciate your beautiful blogs and, especially delicious photos.

Struggling to say something interesting, but as mandated:

1. We first shall offer a big reveal – and we hope this doesn’t upset anyone – but we are not actually a tomato. It’s a disguise. In fact, even the fu-manchu is phony, just a dollar store stick on. Worse, the tomato isn’t even a single entity – more like a collective, albeit, a collective with a singular focus.

2. This blog happened by accident. We kept writing about food on one of our other blogs, then one day threw those musings here so as not to annoy our finicky family who grows weary of hearing the many ways to make a noodle. There are so many ways

3. That bread we made that was exceptionally good, a few weeks back? We have never been able to re-create amazing – close-ish, but only with extensive re-working of the recipe. It wasn’t simply a matter of love at first sight (though, it was): We found a last chunk of what was a massive loaf two weeks later, stashed atop the ‘fridge. It was still moist! Still amazing! Can’t come close, since – and we’ve tried many times.

4. This blog is not a food blog. We are not even writing a book, er, not a cookbook, that is. This, is a shrine. Homage to the consumable. We love food. We love to talk about food, adore making food and fantasize about eating all of the spectacular amazing food we peruse through every day on so many amazing blogs. We are riddled with un-abiding rue, due to our limited time and inappropriately small stomachs, that we can only make such a limited number of these magnificent meals – would that we had the esphogous of No-face. (Try this… It’s delicious!)

5. Not to carry on, but seriously, that bread became an obsession—I had to banish the sponge to the refrigerator. It started when I thought some wheat flour would add a nice flavor, so I made a couple loaves, one with some sesame seeds thrown in — seemed like those would compliment the fantastic flavor, finely… They were okay, but dried quickly and were nothing exceptional. So I threw those out in the garden which, hilariously, drove the dogs nuts:  Sticking their little snouts through the chicken-wire, trying to get the less than tasty bread. I made two more, reverting back to the original, no luck. Obviously it has something to do with the lactic acid production, or hydration of the sponge – so I tended to that little guy with a passion! Never got close to that first loaf – had a hint with one I let set up with 1/3 of the flour and the starter. But still, not close. I think I’ve re-made that twenty times since, going so far as to re-create every step taken the first time — pretending to look for the bread machine manual, calling Jen for help, making a sandwich for the little guy…  Last night I made a whole wheat. It is a fine whole wheat.

6. I still find the on-line interaction thing kind of weird, being old. I’m specifically stating this for you, K.A.. What’s up, man?

7. Sometimes things not related to food are on this blog because we are easily distracted. One such thing might be Cass Tech beat Catholic Central for the second straight year, for the Division 1 Michigan high school football championship. Two in a row, led by a sophomore quarterback! This is significant for many reasons. One, CC is one of those schools that recruits the best of the local talent. Secondly, no PSL school had ever won the state championship. Third, CT, two years in a row!!

Cass is widely known as the best high school for academics in the country (this is probably not true) — Stop editing, Jennifer! Anyhow, Cass Tech is known for academics, so it’s nice to see them have success on the field as well.

I consider my time at Cass the worst four years of my life. However, reflecting on where I was and how I am, that likely would have been the case, regardless of the location. I am certainly grateful for the perspective I gained for the experience and for the many wonderful people I knew – especially the assistant principal, Mr. Doubleday, the model for many of the positively reinforcing characters in a number of my stories (rather transparently).

As for the blogs to further nominate, we steal the caveat from BookPeeps: Please feel no obligation to acknowledge our silly tribute. We simply appreciate your efforts, reading what you write or looking at your food – eh, see? That sounds creepy.  So rather than call these nominations (unless you want, as you deserve!) I will just share some of our favorite food blogs, trying to avoid any that are, at least, reasonably well known:

1. A long time favorite, and where we have likely stolen more recipes than anywhere, is Epicurean Vegan. Just now I looked, and she has Flaky Harvest Vegetable squares, red quinoa pilaf with kale and corn, and sweep potato and ricotta ravioli recently posted. All of that sound sensational and, does it not sound precisely like the things we like to eat, right down to the noodle?

2. If aesthetics were the sole determinant, Olives for Dinner might win, hands down. The blog is serene and olives and has consistently amazing and delicious photos to accompany the fantastic recipes – that quinoa wrap looks amazing, and look: Tofu tikka masala. I believe that’s on the menu this week!

3. A blog we have just recently begun adopting food from is Dispatches from the Gypsy Roller — we’re to believe this is being done in an RV? That’s… Impressive! We’ve recently enjoyed several recipes including the potato and kale hash – delicious and we were amused by the egg on top. Lonely –Beaned it, we called it, as the lonely bean used to put an egg on everything!

4. That was vegan? Apparently so. You might need some bandwidth for these gorgeous pictures and you might eat your monitor.

5. Please pass the tofu, despite having blogged sloppy joes — sore spot, you know.  I think this is where our daughter found the recipe for the cake in a mug that can be evidenced by every mug in the cupboard.

6. Another aesthetically excellent blog, with more beautiful photos and delicious recipes is Kiran’s cooking club, blogging, “Everyday Indian food,” as she says.  The last of our eggplants were used for her bhaingan ka burtha, though, I don’t recall if that made it to the blog.

7. And how about Aly GarlicHands, who hasn’t posted in the past month but has posted some fine recipes often with some interesting twists and has a great blog layout.  Those carefully balanced, sausage stuffed zucchini look fantastic!

Hardly a complete list, but some of our favorites.  If y’all stumble over here, and wish to tip your hat to some of your own favorites, the steadfast and, here disregarded, rules for the Beautiful Blogger Award are as follows:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Tell 7 things about yourself.
  • Post the Beautiful Blogger Award picture in your post.
  • Nominate other blogs for this award and notify them of their nomination.

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