Homegirl Café’s ‘Rosa’s Mole’

There are always a significant amount of ingredients for a good mole; Rosa’s might be the longest list yet:

This is apparently a recipe from Homegirl Café, which is an awesome initiative in L.A.:

Homegirl Cafe, a division of Homeboy Industries, is a social enterprise assisting at-risk and formerly gang-involved young women and men to become contributing members of our community through training in restaurant service and culinary arts. Homegirl Cafe offers a one year training program within the food and service industry, empowering young people to redirect their lives and providing them with hope for their futures.

The comparator for all moles is this guy’s, but he’s stingy with the recipe.  After blending this one down, opinion was mixed — not sure what a pill of chocolate is precisely, however, it certainly must be more than I used as the sauce was quite light (though, also, subbed some pablanos for the anchos to temper the heat).  Further complicting the appraisal was the great amount of aggravation caused by the blender, which was somehow spitting the sauce from the base — not leaking, shooting.  As high as the ceiling.

That was extremely irritating, so the sauce was not attended to quite as kindly as it deserved before it was cast off into the freezer.

Parent/teacher conferences necessitated a quick meal and led to the quick defrost and re-heat of the last of those delightful little tamales (*sniff*):

These had a mole filling, but you can never have too much of a good mole, so we brought out one of the frozen containers of Rosa’s, as well.  A little more chocolate and a bit more salt and this became one fine mole.

Only half was used for the tamales (and, ah, test sampling), so later in the week, we finished it off in some chipotle battered onion and broccoli tamales with a little oregano bechemal sauce, topped with avocado.

Very good.

fin.  Except for the wonderful mouseover puns!


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