Onion Rye Rolls

A marvelous meal, made mostly from the garden – the exception, the grains: Semolina, rye and wheat. Next year, we shall grow our own.

The broccoli, picked fresh, has such a much richer, sweeter flavor than store bought. One really neat discovery with the broccoli: After clipping the first bunch, the plants continue to produce more, often several at a time, sometimes smaller, sometimes comparable to the first.

That should have been obvious, in retrospect – dead head plants to get more flowers- but we never have, in the past. Each plant averaged about four bunches, three to eight inches, with several, smaller to boot.

The eggplant, too, very delicate, not chewy at all, the flavor a bit reserved. They and the peppers are the only plants to survive the frosts, to date, and both continue to produce.

Actually, the broccoli held up well to the frost, but succumbed (was removed because of, rather) to worms and some strange growth on the flowers.

The sauce was from the few tomatoes that ripened before the plants withered from the cold. Llast weekend we filled seven brown paper grocery bags with the still green tomatoes that weren’t damaged. Weird year for the plants…

The rolls were a Hodgson Mill recipe, onion rye, not kneaded nearly enough, but fabulous flavor and very delicate crumb, but not dry.


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