Porter street pizza

The other day, some mushrooms were accidentally reconstituted – those ubiquitous stir fry mushrooms, dry mushrooms in a bag – after looking at a recipe for greens with mushrooms – still looks good. But we didn’t do that, partially because the fungi at hand didn’t seem to suit the situation, then, the greens were just sautéed down in garlic oil then softened in broth – very delicious, mushrooms, inappropriate.

That left us, though, with an assortment of reconstituted fungi, on top of, a small remaining bit of teriyaki sauce, stirred up for a batch of those lovely little links, neither, now, with a particular intent, but seemed to demand of some sort of Asian bent; obvious and immediate to mind: Pizza.

There are some very interesting ideas online, in that vein, such as the shrimp and cheddar cheese pizza with Siracha, cookie crust with shrimp and potato, or corn, tuna on a crust a sheen of mayonnaise covered. Those all sound great but are not helpful to our ingredients and searching for teriyaki pizza brought up exclusively teriyaki chicken pizzas, at least the first 2 links before my interest soured.

Just spreading sauce on the dough seemed like it would be pretty base, could easily disappear into the dough with as little as there was, like those mall pizzas with the very thin tomato sauce that bakes right in to the crust leaving just little dots of red in the crevices of the doughy crust after the slab of cheese falls off with the first bite, like the crust just retains the memory of a sauce, some sort of homeopathic pizza…

Sauce needs to be represented, Nikki’s style, not too much but present, so, trying to stay with the theme, to give the sauce a little body, it was blended with some edamame. It’s a fairly (originally wrote, “failure,” which is probably accurate) demure teriyaki, not so sweet, salt sublime – combined with the soy beans: Nice.

To add on a little salty bite, slices of potato were cooked in a miso broth, then seared in a very hot pan – delicious and a thing that needs to be revisited on its own. (Or maybe, miso mashed potatoes, with green onion, rolled in Panko and deep fried. Perhaps with a marinated mushroom in the center, or black fungus, red grape…)

A little cheese, roasted garlic, green onion and some arugula on top when it came out of the oven then sprinkled, sparingly, with a sprinkle of sesame oil, and such begat the multiform fungal, miso infused potato and arugula pizza on teriyaki-edamame sauce.  AKA, Porter Street pizza.

A most marvelous medley of flavors, if voraciously reviled by all but the chef.


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