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A quick rising sourdough found at; member 5308728308’s directives in the comments were followed, substituting in part wheat flour and buttermilk.

This turned out the most aesthetically approachable loaf yet, with a beautiful, caramelized crust dusted with sesame seeds and crushed oats, the points at the cross cut, peaked up after baking.

The loaf was also much better aerated than the previous loaves – thanks to the advice of those that know doughs: Attend to the consistency, not quantities. The dough was left sticky and kneaded in the bowl (not on a well-floured counter)until it just passed the window pane test (a solid D).

After the first rise, the dough was still a bit difficult to handle without a little oil on hand but the texture of the end product was much improved. Not a very, not surprisingly, sour loaf, but very good, exceptionally for a late night and short time.

And gorgeous:

You have to look closely, since it’s in the hound – ate the whole thing, other than the one small sample slice.

No doubt there was some complicity,

but he’s the only one that could have reached it, on the counter, set back about three feet by the wall.

Turn your head in shame, hound!

On a less sour note: Anyone need a pure bread hound? Great with kids (big enough to defend themselves and, no babies), other dogs (of a certain size or attitude) and squirrels, gentle as an uncoordinated giraffe, and an excellent teaching animal – for lessons in patience, humility and forgiveness.


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  1. The second loaf I baked was 100% wholemeal using a recipe I found on the Shipton Mill website . This time I proved the dough in a colander lined with a well-floured tea towel (thanks to some advice on Twitter) and it retained a perfect round shape as it rose. The loaf had a beautiful taste and texture – smooth, nutty and slightly sweet with a crunchy crust and flavour almost reminiscent of a light rye bread. I’ve been eating it every day for lunch (the white loaf is long gone after being demolished at breakfast on Sunday by four hungry house guests) and the simple joy of unwrapping those homemade sourdough sandwiches has been more than enough to get me through the working week.

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