Blueberry coffeecake

There was an interesting article in the Guardian, the other day, discussing the information from a piece reported in New Scientist, regarding the strong correlation between diet and the development of Alzheimer’s (not that Trivedi, but I wonder if they’re related), that it may be primarily a metabolic disorder.

Interesting ramifications for psychiatry, if so, being the biological hook on which its hat has rested for the past 50 years and also, considering the strict dietary restrictions many claim benefit autism and adhd (though largely dismissed by EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE over the years).

As with most things of mind and brain there are likely many factors, diet perhaps significant, but so probably a biological proclivity, because I know a guy that only ate at McDonalds and guzzled Brawndo like it was water and he never got Alzheimer’s. Plus that vegan down the road is completely plaqued so even the most ardent, health conscientious, can syncope and collapse on an incline…

Exercise – physical and mental – has also been associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s. So good health — fitness and good diet are fine objectives toward the goal of staying spry and wry before we die.

For that reason some people like ex-presidents turn to a vegan diet, which, despite naysayers, angry carnivores and the cannibalistic nature of the vegan community doesn’t mean sacrificing amazing foods or, favorites, such as, for example, coffee cake.

Hungryface (sounds like a cannibal, no?) has an exceptionally delicious blueberry coffeecake. The cake is great, the topping terrific, and it isn’t too sweet – just right.

Sadly, the lemon used, came from a tree that had been fed with fertilizers that contained an insignificant trace amount of undigested residue of plant matter which had passed through an animal’s gut, so ours was, regrettably, not truly vegan.

Regardless, while feasting on the last slab of the cake, the benefits of a nearly vegan meal were appreciated, providing a burst of energy and abnormal activeness, an incredibly elevated mood, euphoria, enhanced humor, verbosity and, suddenly, a strong craving for more.

Não me culpe pelos links, acabei de ler as manchetes.

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  1. I became a vegan about 12 years ago and couldn’t help but notice that there were many vegetarians and vegans at the time who didn’t look to me to be in their top physical condition. I’d always been an athlete of some type–running, weight lifting, baseball, etcetera. I prided myself in always staying at my personal best, physically. And I’ve always tried to remain “super-fit” no matter what diet I’ve been on. Now I’m a raw vegan –really, almost a fruitarian–and in the best shape of my entire life due to my current exercise protocol. Hence, the “super-fit” vegan title.

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