Rise now, the time of tomato

The tomatoes were planted on May 15th. They have just, finally, started to ripen. Consequently, everything for the next few months are brought to us by tomato – yes, we have no more zucchini.

There are several varieties, this year: The usual plum but also a mystery variety of heritage tomatoes that include delicious purple tomatoes – excellent for gazpacho and salsa – weird forked tomatoes and a plum, with what looks like flames on the side – and as everybody knows, flames make everything much cooler.

Beginning with breakfast sandwiches, tomatoes make a fine addition. The first is a B.F.L.T.

That’s a bagel, facon, lettuce and tomato. Sandwich.

Served with a spicy dilled pickle – niice.

The next was created in a secret test chamber at Black Mesa:

Fauxy, pickle, lettuce and tomato, on naan. Quite excellent.

Also, the cheese is possibly good – it always takes a while to form an opinion – but as I was making it, Will was eating it by the spoonful and he cleaned out the food processor after the fact.

So far, not bad melted on a biscuit nor as a (at least) thin slice on a tomato sandwich.

Weird, suddenly I feel like Ari should make some sort of tomato horror flick…


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