Zucchini fries

Throw back Sunday! Naan, zucchini fries and breaded eggplant:

More complicated meals, these days, tend to get relegated to Sundays. However, back in the old days, Sundays were a day dominated by hors d’oeuvres-ey dishes.

The impetus for this (other than the delicious photo of the zucchini fries) fruited from a jaunt to Point Pelee, on Saturday (photos of which are perhaps on Jen’s facebook?). After stomping in the surf we sought a little something sweet to tide us over on the tack back.

We stopped at the first sign of ice cream, at a place not far outside the park that looked like the shop had just been built onto the front of a house.

It was fairly small and completely empty; it took about a minute for the proprietor to appear – a very cheerful, friendly fellow.

On the wall, there was a smudged white board menu and I wondered aloud what a zater was.

The guy’s perpetual state of amusement crescendo’d a bit as he explained za’atar was a delicious bread rubbed with oregano, sesame seeds – of course… (“Yaah… You know wot it is!”)

It was spelled funny!

As we devoured the amazing, delicious bread on the way home, Jen suggested putting the za’atar (we have a jar) on naan (that she makes not often enough). So whatever it was, planned for Sunday supper, became naan with the eggplant cutlets (since the eggplant was nearing the point of no consume).  That then, seemed like an ideal time to try the zucchini fries – I think, first spotted on tastespotting.

These are, indubitably, the best zucchini fries we’ve tried: Great flavor and nice (and not overwhelming), crunchy coating – even with ener-g, soy milk and veggie parm substitutions.


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