the best part about growing broccoli is that after the first head is cut, another grows.
seven consumed from five plants and eight more on the way.
One is having triplets.

At the time this picture was taken, production from the vines was very limited.  To compensate, we decided to pick up some beans at the market.

The first stand we stopped at was manned by several young children, selling beans by the pint for $2.25. 

We asked if they could sell them by the peck but were told, no — the little boy (maybe 6?) remarked a peck must be, like, half a bushel.

We wandered off to look at other stands and as we walked back in the direction of the first, the little girl (six-ish as well?) manning the stand ran up and informed us that they could, indeed, sell beans by the peck, for $7.

We told her she had a deal! 

As we waited for the beans to be bagged, I remarked to Jared, that he was going to be busy that evening processing beans, what he responded with a groan. 

The little boy comiserated, saying, “I know how you feel.  Sometimes I have to do that too.”

The kids were totally adorable and we try to stop by their stand every time, now, though, since then, the beans have gone crazy and we’re getting between 4 and 6 quarts a week.

You can never have too many beans, I always say!


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