Scallion pancakes

Scallion pancakes with Gobi Manchurian:

I think we’ve done both of these before, but the scallion pancakes were, at the time, written off as a failure, however, interesting to pursue in the future.

Here in the future, now, they almost didn’t happen as on assembly, we found the sesame oil exhausted. There’s no workaround for sesame oil, so we hedged, and mewed and considered throwing in the towel but, ultimately, these looked too good to eschew.

So we made a quick run to the store for sesame oil which ended up costing us a total of $52.41.

Such are the perils of shopping hungry…

The store only had a massive bottle of sesame oil. We love the stuff but… It is huge and costly. We wandered, disbelieving around the aisles (Asian, baking, diapers), certain, a more sutabley sized sample, surely sat somewhere. Then, failing to find one, 15 minutes were lost debating the purchase.

We decided to view it as an investment in the future.

Back to the kitchen, the dough was made and resting, so on to the sauce: Here, again, we stumbled on depleted Bragg’s – only about 3 Tbs and we needed a total of 8 between the recipes. After brief hand wringing and alacks, the ‘fridge was scoured and delivered several little packets of soy sauce.

Hurrah! Dinner saved yet again – but then: The cupboard opened, turnstile spun, once, twice in disbelief, the rice vinegar was not found! It was just there, just last week – impossible it was was drained!

Jen took a look to make sure. We looked in the baking cupboard, the spice cupboard, in the refrigerator, with the snacks, the trailer, the basement and Ari’s room (which, isn’t as unlikely as you would expect).

Finally, we looked defeated and ordered a pizza. It was a very good, Detroit style deep dish pizza.

Tonight, the following night, with new bottles of Bragg’s and vinegar in hand to join the massive bottle of sesame oil, these lovely, delicious and flaky fabrications finally found fruition.

They are really not complicated; not difficult at all and well worth at least one side trip to the store – but, you know, not three.

The best part about this meal:  The cauliflower, beans, onion and green onions all came from the garden.  Next year we’ll grow wheat and grind our own flour!


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