Zucchini bread the two


Dietary preferences are like musical tastes, very individualized and personal. Within our myopic spaces they become normalized, easy defaults – even the most particular – and are fiercely defensed against others insulting proclivities.

It’s fascinating to listen to everyone’s rationales and justifications, and our own – amusingly tweaked, working through this zucchini bread recipe, that includes ½ cup egg substitute. That seemed like an awful lot of ener-g, and there was some pause and debate, whether it should be hydrated.

As the last of our Island Spice vanilla dripped into the weird paste, clarity finally ordained: Egg substitute is, of course, egg based things like Eggbeaters.. Who the heck’s ever heard of Ener-g?

Vanilla-less, bemused, and bumbling forward, poorly adhering to instructions, confounding but not ruining, this lovely loaf somehow turned out very nicely.

The sugar was reduced to 1 cup and it turned out a bit dense (overworked) but this has a really nice flavor.


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