Pembridge Place potato protuberi


Raw, assembled, on zucchini.

Sort of like a hidden surprise meatball, a cheesy, bready center, wrapped with shredded zucchini then smashed potatoes with garlic skypes.

A messy but intriguing compilation, it formed a nice shell when baked.  A tasty bite on its own, or, maybe as the mouseover..


Sliced open:


Illuminated, the center was not as cheesy as hoped but had a great flavor.

The cheeseball:  one onion, chopped and sauteed until it begins to caramalize, then add 1 large diced tomato and 1T oregano.  Cook down to a paste.  Once it cools, add in 1/2c sourdough bread crumbs and 1/2c cheese.  Form into golf sized balls (made 6).

Zucchini:  shred 4 medium zucchini and cook the juices mostly out.  Once cooled, divide and place a portion in your palm and form around a cheeseball.

Potato:  Need about 3c of mashed potatoes.  Add minced garlic skypes and 1/2t salt.  Once cool, form around the zuccini covered balls as before.

Bake at 350f for 30 minutes. 

Originally used 1 cup bread crumbs which was a touch too dry..  Maybe add more cheese.

Also, added a pat of oleo on top for the last 5 minutes it baked.


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