Mom’s fabulous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

As an insipid little boy, I was concerned that mom was not accurately complying with directed proportions, using things like mugs and soup spoons to add ingredients, sometimes – even – pouring flours or whatever, directly from container!

I conspired with one or both of my sisters to determine whether she was messing up her recipes.

We carefully filled a tsp. with water then poured it into one of the regular use spoons that mom used when cooking. We were happy to see each held similar volume.

We moved on to the TB, filled it with water and decanted into a soupspoon – which over-flowed!

Aghast was I, and hurriedly told mom she had ruined everything we’d been eating. She assured me that was very interesting news, indeed, and promised to make a note of it for the future.

That was great relief, especially to know her other-worldly oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies would not be ruined again.

They are the best cookies and I still break into the cookie jar when I’m over – likely one reason she gave Jen the spare key!

As mom tells it, this is just the recipe off the back of the quaker oat drum:

Except: Minus half the oleo, most of the white flour is replaced with wheat bran and flax seed, two-thirds of the sugar is eliminated, molasses is added, sometime nuts are added, always add chocolate chips and maybe some cinnamon or other spice and a little shake of whatever inspires her.


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