Sandwich euphoric

These are the sandwich days:  An idiomatic expression, referring to a time where adults come to realize their own mortality, accompanied by inexorable narratives, reminisce, cynicism, search for undefined dreams or remorse that one associates with middle age. More modern use, especially in France, refers to a person’s inability to acknowledge increasing frailty of body and mind —not necessarily in that person’s mid-life.

Classic treatment is a delicious sandwich such as thinly sliced, seared seitan on similarly seared sourdough, with tofutti/tahini spread and topped by tomatoes, red onion and arugula.  It is thought such consumption affects the release of endorphins, thereby elevating the mood and precluding deleterious rumination.

The combination of flavors, the sour of the bread, the saltiness of the seitan, slight sweet of the tomato and the pungency from the onion and especially arugula, is one of the finest combinations of flavors and makes a sensational sandwich — the greatest sandwich ever.


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