Onion soup

“Soup again..”  said the kids.

This likely doesn’t qualify as French onion soup, but maybe Quebec soupe à l’oignon.

Pretty tasty, and simple to make if time cosuming.

Start with opening one bottle of wine and pouring a portion into a glass; set aside for future use.

Put a pot on the stove and ignite a medium flame beneath.  Slice 4 onions into strips, thin but up to 1 inch long.  Add a splash of olive oil – a punchy hojiblanca works nicely – then fling in the sliced onions, what should effect a nice sizzling. 

Reduce the heat to low/medium low, and stir frequently for the next 30 – 45 minutes, or until the onions develop a rich caramelization , becoming, essentially, eventually, one largely indistinguishable, gloopy mass.

During this process, sip wine from the glass, filled previously, refilling, if necessary.  This actually enhances the flavor of the soup.

It may also be necessary to deglaze the pot several times during the caramelizing process.  A splash of wine does this nicely and contributes wonderfully to the process, however, water is also an acceptable tool.

The onions are ready once they have reached the previously mentioned consistency and are darkly bronzed.

Add in 3 cups of dark broth, a bit of wine and a few dashes of balsamic vinegar and Worchesishire – about 2 tsps. Each.

While the soup simmers for about 30 minutes, toast slices of baguette, darkly. 

Decant portions of soup into bowls, add a toast and top with cheese.    Broil the bowls for a minute or until the cheese begins to brown.

Daiya, tastes nice but it does not brown — the smoked provolone veggies slices do.


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