Got a ciabatta

A lovely loaf via Epicurean Vegan:

It looked a little like a baked in face, maybe a bit reminiscent of John Woodward’s “Return.”

A charming ciabatta, very simple; Jared’s favorite bread to date.

Per the experience of E.V., the yeast was tripled to ¾ teaspoon, which seemed about right – the texture was really good with just a few larger air bubbles, and that corresponds with other referenced recipes.

The bread was very moist, just to the point that it was reasonably slice-able at 30 minutes covered, 8 uncovered; the crust was perfect. The covered cook time could be extended to 35 mins. with another 5 – 10 uncovered.

This is attempt 1 with a ciabatta and it’s a bit of a different bread experience: The dough is very sticky and there is no kneading, though I felt compelled to spin the mix with a fork for a couple minutes before the first 12 hour rise.

This loaf is a heck of a payoff for not much effort – just need to plan ahead, ja.

 Salt could be cut back by 1/3, but that was also correspondent with other recipes, so perhaps that’s a crucial element to the ciabatta experience. Baked in this delightful casserole bestowed upon us by Grandma Call:

Bread, it is good.

And complimented nicely, the correct chickpea stew:


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