Lentil, potato & spinach stew

With lemon!  Ala Conveniently Vegan, by Debra Wasserman.  (What’s with so much vitriol in the vegan world?)

A wonderful dish this turned out to be. It looks too simple to go anywhere interesting; so not, and a sure lentil-favorite contender to the customary curry.

The lemon and spinach evoke reminisce of the Mediterranean spinach pies, less the spice.

Other than sautéing the onion prior to adding the other ingredients, the recipe was uncharacteristically followed to the word, including concluding in a large fry pan which, is a bit small for the volume; a stew pan would better fit the fill.

Lentil, potato & Spinach stew

3 Cups cooked lentils, 3 cooked, diced potatoes, onion, 2 cups spinach, 3 Tb lemon juice salt and pepper to taste.

Cook it up until it’s hot.


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