South Indian tomato stew

Very nice, spicy, hearty stew that almost tasted like mulligatawny.

Saute one thinly sliced onion and diced potato until the onion begins to carmalize and the potato is browned, then add a little garam masala, chopped zuccini, diced poblano and slivered seitan.  Chow for a minute then add a small pot (or about 1.5 cups broth + diced tomatoes+garlic+cayenne and black pepper) of the South Indian tomato and black pepper soup.

Heat through and add about 2 Tbs. hummus and a few squirts of lemon juice.



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    1. Ahh.. The mujadara was pretty tasty. The south Indian stew is a bit more complicated since it was based on a coincidentally available peppery South Indian soup, though it’s been a great base for a number of delicious meals!

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