Mom’s birthday was sponsored by mushrooms

 Sadly the main course was overshadowed by the accompaniests — not simply the result of high expectations, either.  Though they were.

The ciabatta, over at allrecipes, was great!  And very simple.

We had a plan to plate everything, then serve, that was ditched because we are lazy, but that had incorporated, so we included, kale chips done as they are but specifically as Kath eats real food instructed and a mango (with a bit of tofutti) shmear that was to divide the lemon roasted asparagus from the shallot and tarragon mashed potatoes what then topped with a little tarragon/sherry/mushroom sauce.

All of those were really good and fully ashamed the main course which failed to exploit the wonderful expression of the morels and also, the texture for a ravioli seemed a bit off.



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