Reuben pizza

We bought a huge jar of sauerkraut for the phyllo tempeh reubens that seems to be related to the horn from which Loki drank when he took on Thor, in that it doesn’t seem to drain. Looking for ideas we found a reuben pizza recipe that has ravenous reviews at Epicurious.

We opted for one large pie as opposed to the minis:

The corned beef was approximated by boiling our remaining seitan in a seasoned broth. 

The pizza got mixed reviews:  Jen did not like it, however, she doesn’t like my seitan (!) so half the pizza was only kraut.  I thought the half with the seitan was pretty good.  Definitely go easy on the mustard and heavy with the kraut. 

As a bonus, after consuming the pies, Ari felt we needed an apple pie because three point one four one five nine… Arguing her infallible logic was pointless:



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