Linguini everywhere

The young ones conspired to out poll the pappardelle, leaving us to languish in linguini for Sunday’s special, poll-winner dinner.

Presuming the big noodles would roll victorious, a more traditional pappardelle had been portent, with possibly a pappardelle, pastry thing with apples and cinnamon for dessert.

 Another time:  Nixed by linguini, the plan evolved to involve linguini in everything — results were mixed.

The main meal (not a surprise) was fantastic, though the gorgeous loaves of bread

were miserable failure, not because the internal linguini, rather the off flavor and texture, likely the result of our liberal substitutions, that, as the blog author wherefrom this came says, “Don’t.”  We had a slice anyhow, just for novelty.

The main plate was perfect, each alone, and, the components combined – complimentary:  Curried spinach sauce over linguini with red lentil and potato, broccoli linguini tossed with broccoli and kale (sauteed with garlic and tossed with a lemon miso broth), and a raw bean, olive and fruit salad.

Broccoli noodle with garlicky broccoli and kale, garnished with sweet potato straws:

The two noodle dishes went really well together and the salad was a nice, bright palate cleanser, a perfect counterpoint .

Dessert was weird. 

Parts of it were sensational:  That was the custard from a fellow of the region

Additionally, the mandarin orange with the drizzled and fresh mint was really good. 

But the shell, made with coconut flour (half) noodles boiled in lemonade, they tasted okay, but the oddity ruined the dessert (and the flavor was just a bit off).

This could be really good with some alteration, begun with the elimination of the noodle shell, instead served in a cracker tart shell and use a white mint drizzle so it doesn’t look so garish.



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