Crispy cajun chickpead cakes

From Vegan Dad.

Per Vegan Dad, the trick with these is keeping the patties fairly small and adding them to the oil slowly so as not to cool down the oil.  That would be something I should have read before making these:  Ours were larger and added all at once.

The first few, added to the appropriately hot oil turned out reasonably well, the rest became ensuing-ly more saturated with oil and collapsed.

He also instructs not to pulse the chick peas too much, a point that was followed a bit too zealously.

Despite the stumbles, the patties that didn’t fall apart, served with a bit of remoulade, were decent.

Considered without the bias of expectation these were fine.  But they did not evoke Cajun, enough that we considered he had Joshua Katcher’d.

Reading the comments — the majority very positive –some suggested more thyme, hot sauce or the addition of old bay seasoning

Adhere to direction and pulse, post chopped but short of paste.



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