Smoky miso tofu


Smoky, miso tofu

Served on Oatmeal, whole wheat quick bread.

Err on the side of thin when slicing the tofu, though, keep an eye on it while cooking as the marinade blackens (on the tray) towards the end.  This was very good — especially with the tofu still warm — but I thought it would have been better if I followed her instructions to thinly slice.  (Also, line the tray..)

The bread is really easy and has a good flavor and not too crumbly for a low effort loaf.  I yeasted the dough to lighten it a bit, mixing the yeast with the dry ingredients and warming the soy milk.  The dough turned out extremely sticky (on par with a bowl of oatmeal) and needed additional flour. 

Accoutrements:  Herbed tofutti, spinach, red onion, sweet peppers and tomato.



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