Butternut squash ravioli

A different filling would make this much better. 

The sauce was very simple and good:  Scallions sauteed in salted oil until they started to brown, then minced tomatoes, finely minced and washed calamata olives a dash of sugar and more olive oil, immediately removed from flame on addition.

The noodle was kept a little drier than the norm to help maintain form, rolled to a 7. 

The spinach, briefly bathed in a broth of browned, finely minced garlic, pinot grigio and miso (about 1/3 cup and 1 tablespoon) while the sauce was re-heated. 

After maybe 20 seconds, spinach was placed on the plates, topped with the ravioli, then the sauce and garnished with sliced red and orange peppers and minced raw spinach.

Served with these delicious rolls

(1/2 wheat flour) and a side spinach salad with sunflower seeds and blue berries, drizzled with tahini and grenadine.



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