New Year’s Festive Fondue

There are some stellar Thai Restaurants sprinkled throughout the city.  However, immediate to our neighborhood, most have trended Chinese and increasingly sweet.  The exception is Thai Orchid, indubitably, the best Thai food in this northern burb, agreed by the lines out the door during week-day lunch.

It takes slightly less than ten minutes to drive to Thai Orchid and slightly less than five to the other, nearest Thai restaurant.  We regrettably chose the nearer, the last time we craved Pad Thai. 

In penitence, we planned to pad our palate with a variety of delicious dishes from T.O., the application was this:


We thought it would be fun!  Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, portobello, tortellini, bean curd and eggplant balls (a reprisal from a pre-Christmas Italian feast with my parents) accompanied by a festive salad.



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