Sour chickpea soup

We had been knocking around this recipe for a few weeks, delayed due to the very hot temperatures the last few weeks (it was not the result of leek souffle status).

It is another lifted from The Spiced Life:   I don’t recall if Jen or I originally proposed the “chickpea recipe from spiced life” but in the distance from that point some confusion gained hold, such that this very tasty looking soup became believed (by the more addled half of the Crew), the one intended .

It wasn’t, Rustic Chickpea Puree with Pasilla Chile, Mint & Cider Vinegar is what Jen intended (and, remains in the queue since that looks really good).

As always, The Spiced Life’s pictures are far superior

Modifications to the recipe were to vegify, using veggie broth, omitting the chicken and serving over red quinoa instead of couscous for a little protein power (plus a few shots of Habanero sauce).

Jen, ill prepared for this sour soup, was not particularly pleased while I liked it quite a lot.  She tends to lean more towards the sweet and salty anyhow, whereas, sour and spicy are my favored descriptors.



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