I had planned to make some lentil patties for lunch today but after several a.m. delays that became obviously, obtusely optimistic.

So a quick pizza type concoction was concocted on a wheat tortilla, spread with tomato paste and topped with crumbled tempeh, purple onion, tomato, marinated baby eggplants (introduced and described by my father as toads), thinly sliced (1mm) tofu and green onion.

Baked at 350 for 10 minutes in an overly ambitious toaster oven then shaken with red pepper flakes and garlic pepper:

I would have loved for the tofu to bronze a bit but we were obviously pushing the edges of edibility so this sufficed and it was mighty good.  The only improvement in the future, perhaps push the toppings and tofu to the edge, or, trim.

Though, how unattractive that would be…



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