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We have been relying on spontaneous inspiriration for the meals this week..  Last night, it didn’t happen.

We kicked around several ideas including a spicy garbanzo soup, eggplant parmesan and lentil patties but none struck us, or, at least us both.

I suggested dip type things and Jen agreed but neither of us wanted to make anything at that point so I sped off to the store where, too, I was terribly uninspired by the options though as I went to grab a package of tortillas I stumbled over some intriquing tortellini.

Jen, of course, did not want tortellini and settled in on a mexican dip.

The ‘Fridge delivered some mushrooms, green olives, tomatoes, green onion and garlic and those were sauteed in a little olive oil with a pinch of salt then tossed with the tortellini.

Pretty tasty and it reminded me that we have never made tortellini nor tortelloni and I feel inspiration to do just that…



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