Dinner preparations devolved into dissarray last night as noone felt like making anything nor wanted what was planned.  Several tens of minutes were spent asking eachother, “What do you want?”  Answered with, “I don’t know, what do you want?” 

Eventually we all wanted something different from peanut butter and jelly, to calzone to…  What exactly did you have Jen?

What I wanted was eggplant parmesan on pesto infused pasta.  Specifically.

That was complicated by having nothing on hand to shortcut the process but, undaunted (!!), sauce was made (deliciously deepened with merlot), breadcrumbs were made (though Jen pointed out, later, we actually had some) and basil picked and pummeled into pesto. 

Individually the pieces (casserole, pesto, sauce) weren’t the best we’ve ever done but combined, it was certainly sublime.



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