Back at the grill

Jen decided to make some gazpacho last night and we thought some grilled veggies would be a good complement.

We marinated mushroom, onion and pepper kebabs in oil/vinegar, wooster, garlic powder and fresh thyme and grilled those along with some bbg tempeh, cauliflower and mushrooms.

This resulted in a beautiful platter:It didn’t turn out quite as I had imagined but it was mostly very good:

The kebabs tasted just like grilled vegetables, which I like, but there was no trace flavor of the marinade.  Maybe making it a bit more adherent would improve the outcome.  Still good, but definitely a sauce failure.

We also discovered that cauliflower stalks can be very tough and that detracted from enjoying those as well as we should.

And then there’s tempeh…  I love tempeh crumbled and browned and in stuff (see, for example, the very next post!).  However, in strips, chunks, bbq’d I don’t find it that great.  Extra firm tofu is much more delicious seared in bbq sauce on a grill.

The mushrooms, on the other hand, were fantastic and sadly lacking in quantity (the gazpacho too).



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