Mango’s last dance

We tried a great recipe from Rhymes With Vegan, creamy white bean and basil stuffed cannelloni w/ fresh kalamata olive red sauce (can you call olives fresh?).

Our filling came out greener than hers and we stuffed rigatoni (with a pastry bag) instead of cannelloni since, other than Will, the children do not like kalamata olives nor creamy white bean filling (foolish children!). 

Since mango had chaperoned our meals throughout the day we wanted to incorporate it with dinner as well and tossed slices with asparagus, sliced kalamatas and minced garlic.

The result was attractive and delicious.

The children’s was slightly less complex if colorful:

This filling would also be great in ravioli and the meal paired well with Rhymes’ suggested wine (white and crisp) and a refreshing strawberry, pumpkin seed and kale salad.


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