Frittering away

We aren’t sure how we came upon this recipe but it looked both easy and tasty, a combination we couldn’t refuse:  Zucchini fritters with yogurt sauce.

By yogurt we mean plain yogurt and the overall dish was a bit bland — though dinner was saved by the delicious whipped yams which set off the tartness of the yogurt perfectly and a nice glass of Xplorador Malbec (which is especially good for the price).

Jen suggested adding corn to the fritters to add a bit of sweetness and I think some diced red pepper, jalepeno and slivered ginger would zip them up nicely. 

Or a more interesting sauce, such as done for phase two for the not frittered fritters:

For lunch the next day, the zucchini cakes were sauced with a yogurt, tahini, garlic/pepper/salt and cilantro sauce and that was very good.



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  1. We added all the suggested additional ingredients and ate the fritters with the dal–Amazing! combination. We dipped and mushed the fritters into the dal–kind of south indian style and wow was that delicious.

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