William wants a dal

The other day we did a dal, delightfully devised by the Spiced Life.  (Also see, “Salted Nibby Bittersweet Brownie Cake. “ )  We’ve often found her recipes somewhat time consuming and also huge but this dal was a breeze while it did not disappoint, doubling dinner duty for consecutive days.

Hers is much prettier than ours but we wanted to make it really thick so we could eschew rice and eat it straight with naan which ended up being a pita.

There were a couple substitutions and a bit of tweaking but the basic flavors stayed true.  We did not experience the second day flavor muting the Spiced Life reports and Jen will tell you that is because I added so much cayenne you really couldn’t taste anything, anyhow.

I say it was perfect.

After two days of dal as well as a Thai green curry breakfast thing day two I found I was completely curried out, which I did not even know could happen.  Fortunately the effect faded fast.



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