Shrimp Quinoa

I enjoy reading the food blog, Poor Girl Eats Well.  Dan and I have come up with some great meal ideas courtesy of her.  Not to mention, it was on her blog that I won my first blog contest….ok, and my only blog contest.  But still…..

Last week she posted a great recipe for a Spicy Shrimp Red Quinoa.  She had posted recipes for quinoa before and I had been intrigued but never made it to the point of actually purchasing any.  When I saw this recipe, I knew it was my opportunity to try it.  After all, shrimp is a far superior crustacean.  (Dan will disagree on that, something about an iodine allergy.)

The quinoa was fun to watch “pop” as it cooked – and I do love the red color.

The combination of the peppers, quinoa, cilantro and tomatos really made for a pretty dish.  And tasty!

The quinoa does cook up (sort of like rice), so with the leftover quinoa, Dan made a pseudo-tabbouleh that we enjoyed the next day for lunch.  Dan – pictures, please?


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