Lunch with nori

Last week’s pita wraps were so good we thought to riff a roll-up redux, though passing on pita in favor of nori — which is much more fun!

The planned contents to be battered and rolled were remnants of barely useable broccoli, cauliflower, an asian radish and nori its own self.

Again, these were so good that only about half actually made it into the rolls (the fact they could not have, only coincidence) and the nori was terrific.

In reverse order of initial favor:

Chipotle fried nori, hummus, red onion, spinach, cilantro and yellow pepper:

Initially this roll (eaten thirdly) was not embraced:  The hummus overwhelmed the other flavors (It’s heavily loaded with cumin) and the texture was a little unexpected in a nori roll.

For lunch the next day, however (and expecting the power of the hummus), it tasted pretty good.

The second nori rolled simply radish, red onion and cilantro. 

That worked really well but the last roll is by far the favorite:   Chipotle battered broccoli and shredded cabbage.

This was really good and had a great crunch. 

Unfortunately, three rolls in and we were out of nori, so Jen and I had to eat the rest of the vegetables.


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