My First Attempt at Naan was a Failure

Last weekend, we ventured out to a local Indian restaurant for dinner.  It had been a while since we had enjoyed authentic Indian food – other than the recipes we are inspired to make at home.  One thing the the whole Crew can agree on in the Indian cuisine is Naan.  Normally I will buy it pre-made at the store and just drizzle some olive oil on it, throw it in the oven to heat it and then try to get it to the table before the kiddos snatch it off the platter.

After dining out, I was determined to make some from scratch.

I sorted through various recipes online and finally settled on this one from Emeril.

It was only once I started combining ingredients that I realized I was short on flour.  Since a winter storm had started to blow it’s way through, a quick trip to the store was out of the question.  I improvised with a whole wheat based rye flour.  My intentions were good – the end product was not.  We did eat the bread that night with dinner but the leftovers were not consummed.  I will continue my quest for Naan….I will not be defeated!


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  1. I didn’t think it was bad at all… We just haven’t had any meals conducive to the consumption of naan. However, we do have that aloo gobi planned..!

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