Dinner Salad

In keeping with our veggie themed meals this week, tonight’s dinner was a very hearty Avocado-Wasabi Salad.   This worked very well into my weight loss plan as it was healthy…..but filling.  And vegan!  Something Dan has been trying to get me to convert to for years.  While I am not sure I can 100% jump on the vegan train, I am not opposed to making stops at stations along the way.  And this salad is definitely something I can be on board with.

You can find the recipe on one of Dan’s favorite food blogs: Vegan YumYum



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  1. This was very good. After a dearth of food today I was craving something baked and hearty but Jen wanted the salad. Much more filling than I anticipated and the dressing would be great with anything or make a great dip.

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