am scramble

A quick hot and sour bean curd breakfast:

Hey!  Look!  It's my breakfast!

As always, composition is directed by the contents of the veggie bin:  Bean curd, potato, mushroom, black olives, a little ground pepper, garlic powder, a dash of cayenne and a pinch of sea salt.

After sauteing the tofu and potato – then mushrooms – with the spices, I added a few shots of seseme oil and some rice vinegar and served on a bed of spinach.


*Also, substituting some soy sauce sort of something for the sodium is nice also.



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One thought on “am scramble”

  1. Hey Unbeknownst to you we are taste testing your recipes! This is my favorite so far, although I added some color with red pepper and corn. Yummy! Also, I think you should offer more wine suggestions because I loved the concannon petite syrah.

    We have been making pasta by hand (i.e., no noodle machine) do you have a recc on a good/cheap pasta machine?

    That’s all I can think of now! Thanks for giving us more excitement in our menu planning.

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