Dinner in Chicago

Dinner was to what we most looked forward and though we did not get to the places  planned, the alternates were by no means inferior.

We met with friends the first night and walked to Ed Debevic’s where we were met with over an hour wait.  With six starving sprouts squirming in the street we sought an alternative and eyeballed a place called Gino’s which claimed the “original deep dish.”  (But don’t they all…). 

We sashayed across the street and casually requested seating for ten and were told the wait was about twenty minutes.  We were followed shortly by several more dozen diners and everyone, save our group, was told to start lining up outside.  They then opened the party room and seated us (and other large groups) therein!

Jen and I shared a spinach and mushroom deep dish and Ari and Jared shared a cheese thin crust pizza.  They were both excellent — in fact, non-eating Ari enjoyed three slices!

We went to Su Casa the next night on recommendation from a local.  The staff was great, very friendly and fun and the food was good.

Those were eclipsed by our final dinner in Chicago, hosted by my cousin Kate and her husband Sean who just happens to be the preeminent chef of Chicago.

We were indulged with beef stroganoff, homemade mac and cheese, chicken strips (for the kiddos) and a chocolate/raspberry confection wrapped in phyllo.

Our mac and cheese connoisseur said that was the best she’s had.



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