Breakfast in Chicago

Generally, and specifically other than dinner, our dining in Chicago was more a matter of convenience (or acquiescence to the kids) than planning.

Thus, our first morning, we simply dined at the hotel — which was fair enough:  I had their continental breakfast which was constructed of a sticky muffin, an english muffin and a very generous amount of assorted fruit, of which Will ate all but the pineapple and a couple slices of apple!

The kids had pancakes.

The other two mornings we went to Eggsperience Pancakes & Cafe that conveniently just opened two blocks from the hotel.  The restaurant is very bright and cheerful with a huge menu and the service was extremely friendly and lightning fast.

I tried the Portobello and Asiago cheese omelet and the spinach, onion and mushroom crepes. 

I failed to capture a remotely respectable picture of the omelet but it was delicious, if huge! 

I thought the crepes were a bit too sweet for the veggies though the accompanying Hollandaise sauce countered that reasonably well.

The kids had pancakes  — not just pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes with little mini white and dark chocolate chips sprinkled on top.  They thought the pancakes were so good they ordered them both days.  Ari also ordered hash browns to look at and Jared ordered the left page of the menu siding his with eggs, hash browns sausage and toast.

Jen will have to share her breakfast experience since I was too full and opposite to see or try her food.



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