A pseudo sausage won’t protect you from a tofu tumble

One of my favorite blogga’s was raving, a few weeks back, over a breakfast patty she had discovered that, said she, almost made her feel guilty it tasted so much like real sausage.

She talked them up so, and posted such pretty pictures I decided to make a batch last Tuesday while Jen and the two older kids were out.

It was a rather arduous ordeal (likely the result of cooking with a two-year old) but we had a lot of (messy) fun.

William very, very slowly added the ingredients to the food processor and whirred it all to mush.  As we spatula’d the result into a bowl I was doubtful the end product would be very good.

Nevertheless we pressed patties onto a cookie tray and flung them into the oven, then, turned to amalgamating their accompanying gravy.

The result:  Pretty darn good — keeping in mind, of course, that blogga’s a vegan and her idea of what meat tastes like is a Morningstar Farms breakfast patty, not a Jimmy Dean.

We have enjoyed these over the past week, both for breakfast

and as a tasty lunch:  Heated and served over a bed of spinach or wrapped in lettuce sans gravy with a little honey mustard dressing.

Click here for the pseudo sausage recipe.

A tofu tumble for two, generically

1/2 container diced firm tofu

1 small, thinly sliced onion

4 sliced mushrooms

1 chopped green onion

A small handful of spinach

2 finely chopped green olives

2 diced cloves garlic

A couple dashes ground cayenne

A few Dashes of tamari

Slice and dice:

Saute the onion until it starts to brown then add the tofu.  Once the tofu starts to dehydrate and brown a bit add everything up to the spinach.  After sweating the veggies a bit, add the spinach, cook down and serve.



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4 thoughts on “A pseudo sausage won’t protect you from a tofu tumble”

  1. I especially liked heating the patty ever so slightly and wrapping it in a romaine lettuce leaf with the honey mustard. That was definitely my favorite combo for it!

  2. Ricki!

    I did link to the recipe via happyveganface! But on re-reading her post I’m not positive that’s where I originially found your recipe (I originally found it whilst randomly roaming the web at work then promplty lost the link.).

    Regardless, a rave worthy recipe it is!

  3. And speaking of lots of visits all of a sudden to this three day old site, It’s been a long time since we had an open blog and now a bit unsettling having actual people reading what we write! I’ll have to be careful what I say!

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