Somewhere during the scoping of the various, the recipe on what settled, lay at epicurious.  However, memory did vibe when re-appraised.  With the imposed modifications, it’s not certain how that recipe actually holds up — but it’s a good start.

First of all — it needs some body.  There’s no possible way 28 oz. of crushed tomatoes with the veggies is anything but soup, unless it’s cooked down for a looong time.  By good fortune and poor memory, brown lentils were adopted at the mediterranian market, and perplexed by the discovery they weren’t actually called for, some were cooked up just to done as it sounded like an excellent match.  Adding them in to cook with the veggies and tomato did a fine job of absorbing the extra liquid and gave the dish the congeality it needs.

Second, 1/2 t of cinnamon and 1 t of oregano are ridiculously minute amounts to expect to reach through that much tomato.  Easily doubled, turned out very nice.

Lastly, the lovely topping didn’t set up quite right — perhaps due to impatience, not allowing the milk and flour to properly thicken.

With adaptions:  Damn delightful.


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