Spinach burek

Burek-Borek-Budek-Banitsa-pie: Some little twists that ought to be documented for posterity:

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Quinoa-vegetable pie

This turned out really well, the slight sweetness of the crust — a really nice addition to the flavors:

Quinoa tossed with roasted potato and onion, asparagus, chopped tomato and about a cup of 4-Italian cheese blend.  Topped with dollops of fresh goat cheese.

Pear, goat cheese, fig & fennel, and arugula flat bread

On a white sauce — parm/garlic — with a little mozzerella sprinkled atop for more better cheesiness.  Fennel baked on, and a little raw added post render with the leaves.

Most marvelous, though pears scarcely there, skinned slim for concerns of proper sentiment — notably. Redressed while baking with more sauteed which would be the proper, thicker presentation proposition.  A bit fussy as it were, though, with the sauce and all.

Also, balsamic reduction lightly drizzled over top.

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