IMG_0492 Intent or coincidence that the Azul taco stand popped up during the Kahlo/Riviera run?  The question brought temptation greater than our brawny lads could resist:


As we meandered through the gallery’s halls in search of the tantalizing tacos and considering the proposition, it was amusedly supposed that Pedro Americo’s work must be near as we passed Café Dia.

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Empadao de frango — sem frango…


An ostensibly Brazilian variation on the chicken pot pie, though poulty-less, subbing fervido cerebros and the remains of tempeh.

The crust is absurdly rich and should probably have been rolled to half the thickness that it was.  The twist to this, is that tomato paste is added to the gravy, and the filling included hearts of palm and black olives — a tiny tamper, yet notable departure from just another pot pie.


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