Rosemary garlic almond spread


Will said, “I’m gonna beat you with a Stephen Curry shot.” He stepped back and put up the shot — arced high up in the air and slipped right through.  He didn’t act like Stephen Curry, though:  Jumped up in the air and started screaming, “WHoo!”  Then slammed the ball hard against the ground — one amped up little boy.  Though his reaction could not be described as such, the shot was smooth.

Unlike this spread, which even with the mandatory high-powered blender and extra soaking still holds significant texture.  It is, therefor, an entirely wrong match to the crackers there, which with it’s served and as suggested — or to bread. However, those little off-white, greenish-yellow bits peaking up there, are sectioned lettuce and were ideal.  As would be a round of cuke, or better still — served with celery:  That would be an excellent match.

Paired with plant matter, the weight and texture of the almonds was well balanced, the spread having a strong but not unpleasant pungency from garlic, lemon and rosemary and was one of the best received of several appetizers.

Though this seems too haughty, alone, with bread types, it might have implications on a toast with something juicy, or perhaps as a base, tossed with papperdelle and roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and some parsley.

a la Chez Betty

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Sunday evening dessert party: iii


[Throat clear]  It has been brought to our attention that some neighbors take issue with what goes on in this house — that is why we are so grateful for those that tolerate our shenanigans.  Truly, even the neighbors with whom we associate rarely, would be some of the best anywhere else we’ve ever been.

Big J singed the hair off his hand after tipping the gasoline soaked starter down (Who — who might have suggested he soak the stick in gasoline?  Terribly irresponsible…), and the niece that is always tired and of needing to be lifted, said, “Whoa.”  Then retreated to her auntie…

But there is no quicker way to make a marshmallow-roasting acceptable fire, than setting last season’s Christmas tree on fire.    Later, the tired one implored, “Make it huge again!”

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Sunday evening dessert party: ii


This was a wonderful weekend of generosity:  Rhubarb from from the neighbor behind, a pizza offered by the lovely ladies at the local Domino’s, and for no reason whatsoever — the neighbor next door brought us an homemade ice cream cake!

That was yesterday, so it is nearly gone!  Absolutely marvelous, if not entirely certain flavors.  Best guess is alternate layers of shaved almonds, yellow cake and ice cream — with some sort of cinnamon syrup poured over or perhaps mixed with the almonds — delicious.

Sunday evening dessert party: i


The rhubarb sat on the counter for a day:  A gift offered from the neighbor in the back, diagonal.  She asked, “Do you like rhubarb?”

In years past her children liked rhubarb jam, but they don’t have time or interest in that anymore.  It sat on the counter for 29 hours, several times passed with thought to move it to the fridge, but it didn’t.

Sunday evening, and eyes turning toward dinner, there they sat, still crisp.  It seemed a shame not to do something with it, though wilted rhubarb has been used for pies, or jams, or crumbles or muffins, and those have always turned out fine — it freezes fine, too, but it becomes a wimpy, slimy thing:  In the end, that’s all it really is.

It seemed discourteous to let it reach that point, unbeknownst or not.  So dinner was slightly delayed by guilty pleasure — sugar cannot really be cut back a lot with rhubarb:  SIL coughed on the first bite and gave herself a few esophageal pounds, “Gets ya right in the…  It’s good, though.”

Even with tapioca, it was runny.  Mom always said a good pie always was.  As always they are, it was — with just a slice remaining, held reserved for Mom.



Fresh:  Mozzerella, basil, tomato


Cheesed:  Shiitake, avocado, shaved garlic and basil — with mozzerella, fresh mozzerella and parm.

Fine, thin crust, with good crunchiness roasted at 550f.   The dough machine hated it, but it is one of the best crusts yet.

Crab and caramelized fennel tacos


The caramelized fennel is an outstanding flavor – slightly nutty, with a hint of molasses.  It builds beautifully on the sweet and saltiness of the crab, and was accented nicely with a little chopped, blood orange and drizzle of green goddess.  The flour tacos were themselves too strong in flavor; corn would be better suited, as a taco shell or perhaps memelas.